The pianist and composer Luca Bernar today has two discs produced "Mi Fai ridere" and "Voci di Isole", discographics partnerships, significant collaborations with theater companies, dance shows with tours in Italy and abroad, participating as a composer, pianist/actor, but also as an interactive performer of  improvisation. Numerous presentations with Italian and foreign musicians, especially in Brazil where he lived during the last 10 years, from 2006 to 2016.


In the history of his musical projects, in Rome, Luca Bernar Ensemble, Agave Group, Duo with Carolina Gentile, Duo with Francesco Mazzeo and later in Brazil, Jazzbuticaba Ensemble, "Duo Luas" with the multi-instrumentalist, André Siqueira end "Diálogo entre Terre" with Zeca Collares.


The musician business was always accompanied by an intense teaching activity as a jazz piano teacher; Harmony and improvisation; group musical laboratories, pedagogical coordinator of music schools, artistic director for jazz festivals.

Complete Bio

1964: Luca Bernar was born in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) on 08/01/64.

1981 - License of theory and music theory degree from the Conservatory of Music "Jacopo Tomadini" of Udine.

1985 - Attends at the Popular School of Music of Testaccio the course of Piano Jazz.

1987 - Also follows (in 1987) the "Corso annuale di perfezionamento Nazionale Siena Jazz" following the course held by Franco D'Andrea.

1988 - (29/8 to 2/9) - Join the Improvised Music Seminar "Suono elettronico, suono acustico nel Jazz" held by Reggie Workman and organized by the ISMEZ in the locality Roccella Jonica.

1989 - Concludes the course of Jazz Piano at the Popular School of Music of Testaccio.

1989 - Constitutes the Eter Jazz, group with whom he played in various festivals and clubs in Rome and at the "Paradiso Perduto" in Venice.

1993 Participates in the founding of FED.I.M. (Federazione Italiana Musicoterapia), as an associate partner.

1993/96 - He collaborates with "Teatro POTLACH" Fara Sabina (Rieti), as a musician / composer / actor (with tours in Austria, Italy and Brazil).

1999 - He founds the "Luca Bernar Ensemble", a quartet with Massimo Scuderi, Carlo Ligi and Stefano Marciani and, with other formations, including the "Carolina Gentile Group" and Agave Group ".

From 1996 to 2006 - he was elected vice-president of FED.I.M.onlus (Federazione italiana Musicoterapia) in Rome where he teaches techniques of improvisation and jazz piano, with headquarters in Rome Piazza di Porta Portese 7.

2001 - Organizes with the FED.I.M. within the "Festa Europea della Musica" organized by the Municipality of Rome, the "Rassegna delle formazioni musicali jazz, etniche e classiche della FEDIM" who participates in playing "Luca Bernar Ensemble", the "Agave Trio ", in the "Freefed Orchestra" and conducting music therapy workshops for children included in the same Review (21-22-23 June)".
- Start a valuable collaboration with the singer Carolina Gentile with which he performs in numerous clubs in Rome and also at the Jazz Festival at Villa Celimontana in Rome.
- With the Trio Agave begins a research path and pieces authorial recording from which will born the CD "Voci di Isole".
With these groups hold concerts in:
Lignano Jazz Festival - Lignano Sabbiadoro (07/28/1999)
Tin Pan Alley - Portogruaro (VE) (29/07/1999)
Wine Art Club - Vasto (CH) (16/10/1999)
Drome - Rome (20/01/2000)
Nirvana - Rome (26/01/2000)
Tin Pan Alley - Portogruaro (VE) (29/06/2000)
Ca 'd'Oro - Venice (30/6/2000)
Jazz Image -Villa Celimontana Roma (14/8/2000
Gregory's - Rome (23/11/2000)
Il Posto delle Fragole - Roma (1/12/2000)
C.S.O. Corto Circuit - Rome (01/24/2001)
Il Borgo di Ascanio - Morlupo (RM) (17/02/2001)
The Jazz Hole - Rome (09.03.2001
2002 - July and August: active participant in Brazil as a musical expert to a series of meetings with indigenous groups "Guarani - Kaiowá" at the outskirts of the city of Dourados within an ethno-cultural restoration project initiated by the Department of Anthropology of the University of Dourados (Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil) and directed by anthropologist Prof. Dr. Sergio Domingues.
- When he returns to Rome he collaborates in duo with Marco Breza, known avant-garde flautist of European jazz, coming from the Indian School of Maestro Zaurasia.

2003 - February and March: organizes with FEDIM the 2nd Review of the FEDIM Music called "Linguaggi di Musica Improvvisata" held at the Teatro "il Cantiere" in the months of February and March, which was attended by 43 active jazz musicians in the Roman circuits.

2003 - In September, plays in the "Friuli Venezia-Giulia Jazz Festival", with the Trio Agave.

2003 - Collaborates with Pasquale Innarella (tenor sax, horn, various objects) multi-instrumentalist experimenter avant-garde European jazz.
- Start a profitable collaboration with Davide Piersanti (trombone) by making a series of duo concerts to "Casale del Podere Rosa" (Rome).
- Work on the script for a play of the creative workshop initiated by the Cultural Association "EPOCHE’" as part of the educational program of the School Counseling "Integrazione Psicodinamico": "L’Oggetto Ingombrante" freely adapted from "UN’OPERA D’ARTE" by A. Chekhov.
- July: it leads a workshop of Harmony and Improvisation at the Music Institute "Musical Marília", at Marília (State of Sao Paulo - Brazil) and addressed to the teachers of the school.

2004 - July: Leads the II Seminar of Harmony and Improvisation at the Music Institute "Musical Marília", at Marília (State of São Paulo - Brazil. Collaborates with Pasquale Innarella (tenor sax, horn, various objects) multi-instrumentalist experimenter avant-garde European jazz.

2004 - Began an important collaboration with the guitarist Francesco Mazzeo playing in duo in several places in Rome.
 - With Agave trio plays in Viterbo in the Church of St. Ursula and in Senigallia at the "Festa della Musica".
- In May of the same year he played with the "Orchestra Luca Bernar" (the new organic Freefedim Orchestra) in Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome as part of the fourth meeting of the Third Age organized by the Municipality of Rome and the V Department (Department of Social Policy and health).
- Tune with Stefano Martini, President of FEDIM - Italian Federation Music Therapy, the musical model MARTINI-BERNAR specifically used in educational and rehabilitation field in music therapy.
- In August, he held a concert "Teatro Municipal de Marilia" (State of São Paulo - Brazil) with special guest Shardool Girbit (tabla) and Zeca Collares (viola caipira).

2005 - Record with guitarist Francesco Mazzeo, CD "Mi Fai Ridere", for the label Alpha Music of Rome, with special guest Antonello Salis and produced by Fedim and EdilCinque. CD released in July 2006.

2005 - In August, at Brazil, recorded a song for the live CD "Pés Descalços" Zeca Collares (viola caipira) and holds two concerts "Jazz Italiano com tempero brasileiro" in duo with percussionist and drummer Cléber Almeida at Votorantin's Auditorium  (SP) and the CCBU - Cultural Center Brazil - United States at Sorocaba (SP) - Brazil.

2006 - In July, he moved permanently to Brazil, Marilia (SP), and in August took part in the presentation of the CD "Pés Descalços" Zeca Collares along with multiistrumetista André Siqueira, giving concerts at the Teatro Municipal de Marília, Teatro Municipal de Belo Horizonte, Teatro da Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências, UNESP, Marília.

2006 - was the beginning of a long collaboration with Zeca Collares (viola caipira) from which comes the musical project "Diálogo entre terras" (Dialogo fra le Terre).
- They begin a series of concerts: "Celeiro Cultural" de São Gonçalo do Sapucaí (Minas Gerais); Theatre CEU Aricanduva and Teatro CEU Curuçá, both in São Paulo (SP).

2007 - In January presents a solo piano concert at the Marília Municipal Theater.

2007 - Coordinator during the first half of the year, the workshop "Teoria e prática de improvisação" and start a stable course of popular Piano and Jazz piano at the music school Musical Marília.

2007 - In August creates the Luca Bernar Ensemble with André Siqueira on electric bass, saxophonist João Paulo Barbosa and percussionist Zé Renato Gimenez.
- The debut of the group takes place with an outdoor concert at the University Campus of UNESP Marília on September first.

2007 - Create the Cultural Association "Birdland Jazz & Instrumental" - with musicians Márcio Benchimol and Lúcio Prado.

2008 - Collaborates with the local "Cão Pererê" Marilia offering live music to take care of the artistic direction of the Jazz department.

2008 - Collaborates with Zé Renato Gimenez (percussion and flute) by two concerts at the Municipal Theater of Araçatuba (SP) and Teatro SESC Birigui (SP).

2008 - It comes in duo with saxophonist João Paulo Barbosa at Depois Jazz bar of Sorocaba - SP. and Lennon Marília - SP.

2008 - In March, the returns Luca Bernar Ensemble at the Theatre of the Campus of Unesp University of Marília (SP).

2008 - Holds a concert with Luca Bernar quartet to "Cão Perere" Marília (SP).

2008 - Holds a concert at the Teatro SESC Campinas, in duo with Zeca Collares presenting the musical project "Diálogo entre terras".

2008 - As a leader of the Cultural Association Birdland Jazz & Instrumental, organizes and artistically directed the project "Bosque Instrumental 2008 – musica e ecologia", together with the Secretaria Municipal do Meio Ambiente.

2008 - A collaboration with guitarist-instrumentalist composer and arranger André Siqueira was born the musical project Duo LuAs.
- Officially made their debut at the exhibition "Bosque Instrumental" at Marília and Valentino Jazz Club of Londrina (Paraná-BR).

2008 - Plays as special guest in the group Panela de Expressão part of the project "Bosque Instrumental" (translated: Music in the Park).

2008 - As a director of Associação Cultural Birdland Jazz & Instrumental organizes the artistic direction of the "1st Festival Jazz & Instrumental Marília", in collaboration with the Secretary of Culture of the Municipality of Marilia (SP-Brazil), in 21-23 of August where he plays with Luca Bernar Ensemble in Marilia Municipal Theater.
- For this project, and for all activities carried out, the association Birdland Jazz & Instrumental and its founders received formal recognition by the municipality of Marilia (SP) through a Motion of honors for "Apoio e Incentivo à Cultura" issued by the Marília's Municipal Chamber, proposed and voted in January 2008.

2009 - In January he returned to Rome to give two concerts with the Agave Group to "Fanfulla" and "Beba do Samba" of Rome.

2009 - In April participates in the "Virada Cultural" Marilia - SP - as a special guest of the group "Panela de Expressão". (Virada Cultural is the Brazilian "White Night", a musical marathon of 24 uninterrupted hours.)

2009 - Creates the "Jazzbuticaba Ensemble", continuation of the  project "Luca Bernar Ensemble" but with a new formation, Ricardo Fogo, electric bass and Hugo Batera, drums.
- With this group, performed at the "Jazz & Wine" promoted by wine house "Empório São Bento" Marilia, and then as a part of the project "Musica e ecologia"

2009 - In November, organized with Birdland, the 2nd Jazz & Instrumental Marília,  in collaboration with the Secretaria Municipal da Cultura in which he performed with the "Jazzbuticaba Ensemble".

2009 - In December, he played in Italy in the Auditorium of the Municipality of Fossalta di Portogruaro in duo with renowned musician and composer Armando Battiston.

2010 - In March plays as a guest with the Quarteto Perere at Teatro SESI Marília where they present their latest album.

2010 - In April, teach classes at workshop "Harmony and Improvisation workshop, a working methodology for musicians" invited by the Department of Culture of Araçatuba.

2010 - The LuAs Duo comes in Perere JazzClub, at the Teatro SESI Marília, and the Brasiliano Bar in Londrina (Paraná).

2010 - In October, holds a concert with the Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at Teatro SESI de Marília, and as a special guest, the saxophonist Marcio Negri. Begins an important collaboration with this talented musician.

2010 - In October, performed with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at  wine house "Empório São Bento", with Márcio Negri, tenor sax as a special guest.

2010 - On 3 and 4 November, at Municipal Auditorium Octavio Lignelli - Marilia (SP) organized and directed  the "Terceira Mostra de Jazz & Instrumental de Marilia", which performed with  the Jazzbuticaba Ensemble and Marcio Negri, as special guest. In this event was presented their musical projects also important musicians of São Paulo and the region, including, Sizão Machado, Paulo Flores and André Siqueira. All with the precious music consultancy contribution by Maestro Gil Jardim (OCAM - USP - Orquestra de Camara da Universidade de São Paulo).

2010 - In December, presents the "Diálogo entre terras" project (Dialogo fra le Terre) with Zeca Collares (viola caipira) at the Teatro SESI of Itapetininga.

2010 - In December, the Duo LuAs performed at the Amphitheatre of UNESP - Campus Marília.

2011 - In March, performs with the Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at Cão Perere Jazz Club Marília and at Empório São Bento Marília, with special guest Marcio Negri.

2011 - In May performs with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at the Virada Cultural (Marília White Night) organized by the Culture Department of the State of São Paulo, in the main stage of the city always with Marcio Negri on tenor sax.

2011 - In August, presents the "Diálogo entre Terras" project (Dialogo fra le Terre) with Zeca Collares at Teatro SESI Sorocaba.

2011 - In October, presents "Diálogo entre Terras" (Dialogo fra le Terre) with Zeca Collares at Unesp Amphitheatre - Marília Campus.

2011 - In October perform with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at the Teatro SESI Marília.

2011 - In November, perform  the Duo LuAs at Teatro SESI Marília and the Brasiliano Bar Londrina (Paraná).

2012 - In January, performs in a duet with Francesco Mazzeo at the "Settegarba" Bar, in Rome.

2012 - In January, records with the Agave Group, at Rome, the CD "Voci di Isole".

2012 - In March performs with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at "Armazém" Marília (SP).

2012 - In April performs with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble at the "Espaço Cultural" Ourinhos (SP) with a new formation, Rodrigo Donato,drums and Jackson Silva, electric bass and Bruno Passos, trumpet.

2012 - In May, performs "Diálogo entre terras" (Dialogo fra le Terre) at Teatro SESC São José dos Campos, part of the project "Momento Itália Brasil" a co production between the Embassy of Italy in Brazil, and the Italian Culture Institute of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and SESC São José dos Campos.

2013 - In February, performs at the Auditorio Municipal Octávio Ligneli Marília the Concert Lecture "Encontro com il Jazz" - relações entre improvisação e parte escrita (Meeting with the Jazz - relations between improvisation and written part).

2013 - In March performs with Duo LuAs at Planeta Ecológico - Marília

2013 - In April participates in a workshop with Mestre Macambira: "Percussao Afro-brasileira no Candomblé" (Percussion Afro-Brazilian in Candomblé) - Salvador - Bahia

2013 - During the whole year, actively participates as a Councillor elected to the Conselho Municipal de Cultura - (Municipal Council for Culture) and also participates in the Commission that wrote the text of the Draft Law "Municipal Plan for Culture Incentive."

2013 - Start a productive collaboration with the group of experimental dance "Datum" of Garça - SP, as a pianist on stage in various shows.

2013 - Assumes the post of teacher in the course "Piano Popular" at the Municipal School of Artistic Culture of Garça (SP) EMCA.

2013 - In September, does a concert with the group "Sindacato del Jazz" of Bauru - SP.

2013 - In December performs with Duo LuAs at the Auditorium of State University - UNESP - Marília- SP.

2014 - In February starts a consulting job for the Department of Culture of the City of Garça (SP) whose mission is to develop a pedagogical and organizational intervention plan for the optimization of the Municipal School of Artistic Culture in its different areas, music , theater, dance and circus arts for its 1,200 students.

2014 - In March, he was hired as a Pedagogical Coordinator of the Municipal School of Artistic Culture EMCA of Garça - (SP).

2014 - In March, performs the "Diálogo entre Terras" (Dialogo fra le Terre) with Zeca Collares and Zé Renato Gimenez at Teatro SESC - Campo Grande (Capital of the Mato Grosso do Sul State).

2014 - In April, organizes the festival "Tocando o Som" at the Teatro Municipal of Garça where it will present several musical groups.

2014 - In May, organizes the Group EMCAixe - Music Teachers Orchestra of EMCA - Garça (SP).

2014 - In July performs "Diálogo entre Terras" (Dialogo fra le Terre) with Zeca Collares and Zé Renato Gimenez, at SESC Theatre of São José do Rio Preto - SP.

2014 - Organizes the project "Aulas no Palco Aberto" (open classes) - with the students of EMCA - Garça - SP.

2014 - In September organizes a 33-hour course of training/update focused on learning the Suzuki teaching method with the Teacher and Trainer Eduardo Ludueña (Conservatory of Buenos Aires) on days 06, 07, 08, 09 for all the 28 teachers of EMCA (Escola Municipal de Cultura Artistica - Garça - SP).

2014 - In September performs with the Duo LuAs within the project "Tocando or Som" - at the Municipal Theater of Garça (SP).

2014 - In December performs "Diálogo entre terras" (Dialogo fra le Terre) with Zeca Collares (Viola Caipira) and José Renato Gimenez (percussion and flutes), organized by SESC Birigui (SP).

2015 - Assume the position of Pedagogical Coordinator for the music department at Escola Municipal de Arte e Cultura - EMCA of Garça (staying until October of 2015).

2015 - In June, performs with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble with special guest Rogerio Plaza, at the Teatro Municipal of Garça within the project "Tocando or Som"

2015 - In June, performs with the dance group Datum at the opening of the Festival de Dança 2015 at Teatro Municipal of Garça, performance with the dancer, Laura Gimenes, director of the Datum Group.

2015 - In July performs with Jazzbuticaba Ensemble during the Jazz & wine at the DMax Hotel - Marília (SP) with Rogerio Plaza (accordion) as special guest.

2015 - In July, plays in Duo with Rogério Plaza (piano and accordion) at the party of the 10 years of the "Oficinas Tarsila do Amaral" Marilia (SP).

2015 - In August, takes part in the TV show "Culture na Tela" directed by musician Alexandre Mascaro at "TV Marília" - Channel 9.

2015 - In December, organizes with Danilo Agostinho the creation of "Quinteto Pixinguinha" a group of "Choro Istrumental" with Rogério Plaza (Acordeon), Marquinho Luz (Percussion), Danilo Agostinho (Clarinet), Gabriel Soledade (seven-stringed guitar).

2016 - In April the Quinteto Pixinguinha debuts at "Sabor e Saber" - Marilia - SP.

2016 - In June, he moved to Portogruaro (VE) - Italy.

2016 - In October, performs (piano solo) at the opening of the exhibition "Mostra Oltre il Filo" at the Ancient Library of the College Marconi of Portogruaro (VE).

2016 - In December, performs at the exhibition and performace "Orchestrazione 24 - end of the world Experience", at Mulini, in Portogruaro, participating musically of the theatral work directed by Max Bazzana of Rotola Campo.